Cultural Media is proud to announce the inaugural Qumra Arab Festival, a celebration of traditional and contemporary Arab art and culture..
A continuation of the Arab Cinema Days stream launched at the 2019 Palestinian Film Festival Australia, the Qumra Arab Festival is a proud celebration of Arab cinema – its origins, development and ongoing important contribution to Arab life and culture.
The Arabic term Qumra [Latin term Camera] can be traced back to the Arab-Iraqi legend, Hasan Ibn al-Haytham (965-1040). A phenomenal mathematician, astronomer, engineer, ophthalmologist, physicist and psychologist, Ibn al-Haytham is a considered the Father of Optics who invented the Camera Obscura theory and practice.

We curate and dedicate the inaugural Qumra Arab Festival program with the concept of camera front of mind and deep in our social consciousness - an opportunity to focus and examine as well as innovate and celebrate.
Cultural Media - is a social impact initiative dedicated to promoting Arabic life, art and culture.
Cultural Media is proud producer of the  Palestinian Film Festival Australia and Qumra Arab Festival 

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